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Trusted to connect businesses, family, and friends. Partner with us to procure and deliver your goods throughout southern Africa and America. Our import, export, storage and parcel shipment solutions make life smoother and business more efficient.

Our Three-Part Promise

We are Borderless

While online purchases are now the way of the world, delivery services aren’t always affordable or easy to access. That is why at Rovert, we cut out the middle people and deliver straight to your location.

We Transcend Tradition

Are traditional courier services crippling your finances and frustrating your ambitions? We offer our services at affordable rates that are designed to increase accessibility and customer satisfaction. Simply add our address to your check-out delivery settings and we will serve you efficiently.

We Take It Personal

As a satisfied client, you drive our growth. So we take customer care and service experience personally. When you utilize our services, you will access your own agent who will ensure all your needs are met.

Wherever you are, whenever you need us, we will be there to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions that will give you peace of mind.


Our Market Segments


We provide courier and haulage services to businesses that import or export goods. Your business can take advantage of:

  • Our increased human resource capacity
  • Our established knowledge base in procurement
  • Our competence in freight forwarding and customs clearing

Our expertise makes the entire supply chain management process a positive experience for you.


There has been a significant rise in the number of new businesses that rely on foreign procurement for their operations. To support this growth, we source and supply to this market at competitive rates. As we increase our market share in the procurement and supply space, we will become reachable to most start-up businesses.


Automotive Spares

For clients operating in a region where vehicle spares are exorbitantly priced, we offer significant relief. By reducing the number of middlemen that your order goes through, we ensure that your spare parts get to you at a fraction of the cost.


There is no delivery too small or too big for us to handle. With our flexible rates, we connect friends and family across the region and outside the continent. Your parcels are guaranteed a safe and quick arrival.

Our Range of Services and Clientele

Procurement and Delivery

Once you confirm your procurement order, you are required to make a conditionally refundable deposit. When we receive your proof of payment, our team begins to source the requested goods and provide quotations. You then choose your preferred quotation and either directly pay or instruct us to pay on your behalf. Lastly, we collect and deliver your goods to you.

Delivery Only

If you have an existing supplier for your goods, you can engage us to only collect the goods and have them delivered to you.

Self-Service Customer

You can add Rovert Logistics as the delivery address on your online cart. Here, we bill you for transport and handling.

Errand Customer

If you already have a preferred transportation and delivery service, we can simply facilitate the procurement of your goods and ensure they are collected by your transporter.


Note that for each service, we charge shipping and handling fees minus the deposits made by the client. Southern Africa clients can contact our Johannesburg team while USA clients can contact our Lusaka team.

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